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Fatehpur Sikri Tourism

Fatehpur Sikri is a ghost city that was built near Agra and is about 40 km away. It is a fascinating city that was built in 16th century during Mughal period by Akbar the great. At the age of 26, Akbar decided to build a new city near the capital Agra city. It was inspired by popular saint Shaikh Salim Chishti and the new city was named after his name as Fatehpur Sikri. The foundation stone of the city was laid on the occasion of the birth of Akbar's third son who was born by the blessing of this saint. As a gesture of gratitude, Akbar decided to lay the foundation of this new Fatehpur Sikri which is also named as the "City of Victory".

Major Tourist Attractions Fatehpur Sikri

The construction of the city started in 1569 and ended in 1585. However, soon the city lacked the proper water supply and, thus, remained as the extravagance of the Mughals. It remained untouched for about 400 years. This city is the perfect example of the relations and culmination period of Muslims and Hindus culture, architecture, religious beliefs and tradition. It has a popular mosque that is known for being the perfect copy of the mosque of Mecca. This mosque has its designs and architecture taken from the Hindu and Persian sculptures. Fatehpur Sikri remained the capital city of Mughals for around 20 years and then the capital was shifted to Lahore.

Major Tourist Attractions of Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri has some monuments from the Mughal period that were build as the residential places and are now the popular attractions for visitors of this city. Below are the major monuments.

Panch Mahal

This Mahal is among the most popular building of Fatehpur Sikri due to its unique style. The building of this Mahal has five storey. It served as the dwelling place for the royal ladies of Mughals. The top floor of the building presents a clear and large view of the surrounding areas of Fatehpur Sikri.


This place is known for being the most loved place of Akbar and was the royal chamber of Mughals. The basic style of this hall was inspired from the Persian style and architecture and comprised of several precious stones. The 4 kiosks are located in the midst of Diwan-i-Khas court which attracts visitors from entire world to admire this art.

Tomb of Salim Chishti

This place was constructed in the memory of the popular Sufi Saint, Salim Chishti. It is flocked by pilgrims from all corners of the world throughout the year.

Buland Darwaza

It is one of the most attractive Mughal monuments that attract huge crowd of tourists. It is a gate that is about 54 meters in height and is one of the largest ones in the world. It was constructed in the memory of Akbar's victory over Gujarat.

Further, apart from the above-mentioned attractions of the city, there are some more that are less popular in Fatehpur Sikri. Some of them are Birbal & Rsquo's Palace, Turkish Sultana & Rsquo's house, Nagina Masjid, Diwan-i-Am, Jama Masjid, Daulat khana-i-khas, Sunehra Makan, Hawa Mahal and Palace of Jodha Bai.

Best Time to Visit Fatehpur Sikri

This city can be visited all round the year, however, the best and comfortable time to visit is during monsoons and winters. During winters it is cool and one will have pleasure to roam around this city and thus, becomes an ideal time to roam around in the city.

Fatehpur Sikri Getaways

Apart from the nearest city Agra, there are several other cities like Bharatpur, Jaipur, Vrindavan, Mathura, Delhi, etc. which can be visited.

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